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South, south.

About 300 km southwest of the main island of Okinawa

This is Miyakojima, a coral paradise where the sea, sky, and sun soothe your mind and body.

A variety of cuisines to fully enjoy your resort stay


We offer dishes made with plenty of local ingredients, such as Miyako soba and Okinawa cuisine, as well as special awamori liquor exclusive to our hotel. Please enjoy the healthy cuisine of Miyako, nurtured on the southern island.

Spend time gazing at the sea

Guest Rooms

The rooms adjacent to Maehama Beach are spaciously designed and each room has a large balcony. Feeling the sea breeze while watching the sunset from the balcony will give you an unparalleled luxury moment.

A stay in Miyakojima will enhance your resort atmosphere


Spreading out before your eyes is Maehama Beach, known as the best sandy beach in the Orient. Enjoy your stay in Miyakojima with activities that will enhance your resort atmosphere.


Three Features

Enjoy your exotic tropical vacation to the fullest.

Okinawan performing arts that brighten up the nights of Miyakojima with sanshin (three-stringed instrument) singing and Eisa dancing. Come sing and dance together and have a great time.

Yaebisu's special breakfast is cooked in a kettle. The rice dances in the kettle. Please enjoy the chewy texture to your heart's content.

THE ISLAND SPA "Yururia" - the bliss of the island of the gods. The ultimate relaxation that can only be found here will invite you to rest and revitalization.



From this place where the blue wind blows, to a happy future
The blue sea of Miyakojima spreads out before your eyes. This is the first step towards the future.

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